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Not currently being updated, the downloadable version, while including useless buttons, is perfectly useable.

This program is both a game and a tool for creating or going on adventures. It can be used for both because it is a brainstorming tool, which takes in user input and provides a means to inspire ideas, while also featuring a simple text input battle system, items and a way to copy and paste the adventure after or during play.

Essentially, it records your ideas in order and displays several simple ways of inspiring or limiting the adventure (through some human interaction with it ) to create an infinite amount of possible text stories within its set of limits.

However, it is also open source, providing a way to modify and alter the code and comes with a buggy version that was not successful but shows an attempt at more.

It is made in the Godot engine and its code can be used in other games and the like with credit.

The game itself features:

  • A menu for adding variables mid game.
  • A length which is alterable at any time.
  • Monsters which are randomly made based off two words.
  • Characters whose name color changes based of loss in battle.
  • Items which appear randomly throughout the adventure.
  • A note section for clearer reminders as well as a more visible start and end note.
  • Options of spawn for items and monsters.
  • A write your own battle system, with ideas based of off items/skills inputed
  • A simple space for viewing the previous paragraph and a random paragraph.
  • An additonal area, for user added brainstorming methods that are randomly selected. Now includes defaults options
  • An option for an end boss battle, with their own separate name settings.
  • A lack of saving, having chosen a more useful copy and paste unformat to encourage further review of the writing after. ( aswell as having struggled implementing it) :(

*fixed print not working bug

This program was originally made because i needed a way to overcome writers block on my blog, which can be found here:


and for that reason it is technically possible to use this brainstorming tool, for things other then simply adventure stories ( such as first drafts of essays or other )


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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